Who are we

As travel enthusiasts and as one of the most dedicated travel company of India,  we, the Himtrek team work together to provide the finest trekking places from all over the Himalayas to everyone. We believe in empowering all travelers with ideal trail packages to make their experience cherish able for years to come. Adventure begins at the most mysterious and enchanting places is the mantra imbibed in our core values as we try our best to provide homely feels here in the mountains. You may not find luxurious hotel feels but we assure you of warmth, happiness and peaceful vibes with us. Come and feel a little more adventurous than usual on your vacation treks here with us at Himtrek.

Starting off with one tour in Delhi, we have now grown to 10 tours covering two of the most radically different locations in this country - Delhi & Goa. You can experience the country's capital with us, walking through the bylanes of Chandni Chowk, marvelling at the magnificence of Mughal architecture, and sampling authentic Chicken Tikka Masala (and many other mouth-watering dishes). On the other hand, far away from the maddening crowd, you can discover Goa - where India goes to party, and relax, in equal measure. A completely different cuisine. Diametrically opposite history. And local culture that is poles apart.

More than 10,000 travellers over the past decade have discovered India with us. They loved it. And so will you.

What Matters to Us

As a team of nature and trek lovers, we know that an adventurous tour in Himalayas should not be all about planning, finding and making bookings. In fact, it should be some time away from the daily hustle bustle that keeps you busy. If planning your entire mountain escapades sounds like a burden, we are the strongest shoulders to cry on. Be it a solo trek, first time trek or an expedition with your fam, we are here for you to provide you the fun experience you are looking for.

What do we do exactly? Work is worship but it is also fun at our organization. We organize treks of all kinds in beautiful places of Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand. And hey! It won’t cost you your entire saving account. We are budget friendly too!

How do we manage all this? With our amazing team or should we say our Himalayan family! We are deeply in love with mother nature and care for all who come here to seek its beauty. We consider everyone as our team, be it our guides, content creators or the travelers who trek with us, all are one Himtrek team for us!