The Himtrek Kasol Campsite is a traveller's paradise since it offers the ideal setting for absorbing Kasol culture thanks to its vibe, ambiance, food, natural surroundings, and surreal environs. 

The campsite is situated in Hurludhar, 2 kilometres from the Kasol Volvo Bus Stop, on the banks of the captivating Parvati River. You may ask that the bus driver drop you off at Shani Dev Mandir. It is a 300-metre walk from there.

The campsite provides a lot more than just the unambiguously breathtaking views of the pristine skies in the morning and the blanket of stars at night. It has everything, from wacky lighting and psychedelic music to make you bob your head to mouth-watering food that makes you ravenous for more.


Nearby Attractions: 

  • Chalal Trek- While Kasol has a lot of attractions underway because of how popular it is with young people, Chalal, a nearby underrated village, offers a more in-depth vacation experience. Make your way to Chalal, which is close to Kasol and offers affordable access to wonderful food, calm, and tranquilly.

  • Kheerganga Trek- Kheerganga Trek is a well-known trekking route in Himachal Pradesh that begins in Barshaini, a charming village close to Kasol. Trekking to Kheerganga provides wonderful meadows, pine-forested paths, beautiful waterfalls, fresh air, peaceful settings, snow-capped mountains, hot springs, and a magnificent perspective of the Himalayas.

  • Malana village- Travellers love the trippy parties and free-flowing hashish in India's Parvati Valley, which comes from the historic settlement of Malana, situated 22 km from Kasol, and is overlooked by the Chandrakhani and Deo Tibba Peaks. This unusual village is guarded by the pines; away from the mainstream, and it  doesn’t follow the Indian judicial system. Malana is renowned for producing hashish of the highest grade anywhere in the world.

  • Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara- At 3.5 kilometres from Kasol in Parvati Valley, Manikarn Sahib Gurudwara is nothing short of a miraculous place of worship. You'll be shocked to learn that the water at this Gurudwara continues to boil despite the bitter cold. This water's boiling temperature is thought to be a result of Sheshnag's rage. This Manikaran Gurudwara attracts visitors from throughout the nation and overseas. It is believed that anyone who bathes for a few days in the hot, sulphur-containing water found here will have their illnesses cured. According to legend, Guru Nanak Dev Ji pondered and worked amazing wonders here first.

  • Kasol Main market- Kasol Market is a vibrant flea market where you may purchase locally manufactured items including woollen sweaters, hats, and gloves as well as fruit preserves and squashes. Both handmade items and tacky knick knacks like neon keychains, made-in-China products, and t-shirts and bags with wacky prints are popular in Kasol Market. 

  • Cafes and local food joints- When backpacking in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh's teeny-tiny hamlet, also known as "Mini-Israel," one must at least once a few of the famous Israeli cuisine. This popular tourist destination has experienced an upsurge of adorable cafes, restaurants, resorts, and street cuisine since it first gained attention. 

1 Night 2 Days Available on request Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

The campsite at Himtrek Kasol has a whole feel! It's more of an experience than a venue!

  • Any admirer of the outdoors may be tempted to go camping, especially if they have the opportunity to do so in Himachal's remote Himalayan regions. HImtrek Kasol Campsite is one adequate choice to make for the same. 

  • A lot of people have been asking for the recipes and the chef's contact information because of the food here! Yes, we are not kidding. There is no disputing the fact that the food at Kasol campsite is the best; it is the part of it that people adore the most!

  • Not only the campsites or the cafe, but the entire site, is tidy, lush, and attractive. It's awe-inspiring to see the Parvati River running and the big trees rising straight up in the middle, creating beautiful sounds in the process.

  • The atmosphere and musical selection are completely out of the ordinary. This location is ideal for a Kasolian party due to the psychedelic/Techno music, colourful artwork, and surreal lights that surround the campsite.



Day 01: Arrival at Campsite

  • 2 kilometres before the main Volvo bus stop in Kasol are where you'll find Himtrek riverside camping.

  • Kasol, popular as ‘mini Israel’ of Himachal Pradesh, is full of attractions and natural beauty which you can get your eyes and soul entangled into. 

  • On the first day of your trip, you can take in the magnificent views from your campsite, bask in the sunshine, eat a hearty breakfast, and get yourself recharged for the day.

  • Relax in the lap of nature amidst the natural surroundings. 

  • Explore the nearby attractions and cherish the beauty Kasol holds.

Day 2: Departure

  • Make sure to visit all the possible attractions on day one and collect wonderful memories of this hippy town.

  • Prepare to say goodbye to this beautiful location, but there is always the option to continue travelling. 

  • We offer a wide variety of treks and camping excursions throughout Himachal. 

  • Check out our website and use Himtrek to travel like a local. 

What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Stay In Dome/Safari Tent (As Per The Availablity)
  • Bonfire & Music (Techno)
  • Meals: Dinner, and Breakfast (Optional)
  • Guided Day Hike to Chalal Village
  • Outdoor Games (Dart, Archery, Hammock, Cricket and Badminton etc)

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Transportation to and from Kasol
  • Meals not mentioned above
  • Any personal expenses
Pickup point
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