• Meals: Dinner, and Breakfast (Optional)
  • Guided tour to Waterfall (Optional)
1 Night 2 Days 05 Feb, 06 Feb, 07 Feb, and more
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Stay In Dome/Safari Tent (As Per The availability)
  • Bonfire & Music

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Transportation 
  • Any quite personal expenses




Camping in Bir


Popularly known as the paragliding capital of the country, Bir is situated at an elevation of 5000 feet among the most serene and beautiful landscapes of Himachal Pradesh. Bir is the place if the adrenaline junkie inside you needs a push!

Bir has it all, from solemn skies and peacefully fulfilling views, to enthralling activities like mountain biking and trekking, it’s the perfect place for adventure seekers and peace seekers as well!

Most the tourists prefer summer season to visit Bir, specifically for paragliding but the winter season marks the presence of trekkers who love to trek in the snow. You can also witness pleasant snowfall in winter as the upper region gets covered in 5-6 feet of ice sheets

Camping is another fun and hyped activity being adopted by most travelers lately. The best time for camping in Bir is from April to June. 

However, late September to November also serves as an ideal time for camping in Bir if winters are your best friend. 

This place also offers a variety of treks and trails to explore. From day hikes to weekend treks, Bir has bountiful trails to walk on and unleash the trekker inside you. 


Monkey Mud House and Camps offer all kinds of trekking experiences and fun activities-

Monke Tatwani Hot water spring(Day Hike) - A ride of around 1hr and then a hike of around 5-6kms on one side.

° Rajgundha Trek (1N2D trek)

° Jungle/waterfall Hike (Day Hike)- it's a hike of around 2.5kms one side. 

° Bongoru Waterfall (Day hike) - A ride of around 20 minutes and then a hike of around 1km on one side.

° Hanuman Garh Trek - It's a 10 km Trek that starts from Billing- Rajgundha road and ends at Rajgundha Valley. 

° Plachak Valley trek (2N3D trek) - it's a 8km trek from Rajgundha

° Thamsar Pass Trek (4N5D) - Starts from Rajgundha

° Bada Bhangal trek( 7N8D ) - Starts from Rajgundha Valley and ends at Chamba


Regarding food, mountains have a wide range of cafes and small joints offering mouth-watering cuisines and local dishes to obsess on!

Each cafe has its own different vibe and ambiance. Nevertheless, the food is finger-licking good. Cafe-hopping is another thing you can add to your list if you’re a foodie and love to explore new places and cuisines. 

Scenic views, activities, adventure, solace, peace, great food n vibe, and mountains, it’s a tick mark before all of these when it comes to Bir.